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Since the introduction of ChatGPT last year, artificial intelligence-based essay generators have been big news. Although they haven’t yet conquered the world, they have reached a point where they can be quite useful. Under the right conditions, these AI essay generators can help you work more efficiently and quickly, creating more accurate texts.

Naturally, all AI essay creation programs require human supervision to achieve the best results. If left unattended, they tend to produce fairly standard and often incorrect content, even if it can be recognized as human-written. I considered commissioning an AI essay generator to write the introduction to this article, but that seemed like a minor gimmick to me. The latest generation of AI-based essay generators can obviously compose an acceptable introduction, but it can’t give you a real opinion on its quality. For that, we humans, or real essayists, who can be found in specialized essay writing services, are essential.

So if you’re looking for an AI content generator that will help you create compelling text, publish blog posts much faster, and get rid of slow typing in general, you’re in the right place. Let’s break it down.

Tips #1:

Use artificial intelligence tools to generate ideas and initial content. They can help expand your thinking and suggest new approaches to the essay topic. You can then use these ideas as a starting point to develop your own analytical and creative thinking.

Tips #2:

Check and edit the manually generated content. Artificial intelligence tools can be useful for building the foundation of an essay, but they are no substitute for your personal understanding and authorship. Read the generated text carefully, refine ideas, improve logic, and check grammar. Ultimately, you must bring your uniqueness and style to the essay to make it personal and original.


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EssayWriters AI

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Jenni AI

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Charley AI

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Caktus AI

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Jasper AI

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Essay AI Lab

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Essay Genius

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AI Writer

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Essay-Generator AI

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How do we rate and test ai essay writer software?

All of our reviews of the best ai essay writing software are based on our personal experience and testing. We invest a significant amount of time in examining and testing each app according to its purpose, based on a set of criteria that we have established for the category. Our approach is completely independent and we never get paid for placing any app in our reviews or for linking to specific websites.

Best AI Essay Writer Tools: Top 10 By BestAiHelpers Team

EssayWriters AI

In 2023, students named the best tool for academic writing and essay help. This artificial intelligence-powered platform uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create high-quality essays on any topic.

Its advanced features include contextual analysis, plagiarism detection, and autoreferencing. This ensures that essays are original, well-researched, and properly cited. The site’s interface is user-friendly, allowing students to enter specific requirements and preferences for their essays.

Because of its ability to generate insightful and consistent essays, has quickly become a staple tool for students looking to improve their grades and academic performance.


  • Can create a large amount of content in as little as 90 seconds.
  • Saves time and effort when creating content.
  • Unique content every time.
  • Perfect adherence to instructions.
  • The company offers many other tools for students, including a citation generator, essay topic generator, thesis generator, grammar and style checker.

Pricing: Right now it’s absolutely free but they will be introducing some pricing plans soon.

Jenni AI, an artificial intelligence-based essay writing assistant and generator, helps students create high-quality essays in less time. Using natural language processing (NLP) technology, it analyzes essays and offers specific suggestions for improving style, grammar, and structure. The AI essay writer can be useful in all stages of writing, from idea generation to the final product, requiring minimal input from the user.


One of the main features of is the citation feature, which is a generator and helps students cite sources correctly in research papers and essays.

Jenni AI offers six different plans, ranging from $6 to $128 per month, for users and corporations. Annual plans are also available with additional savings.

Charley AI

Charley AI is one of the foremost essay writers currently using artificial intelligence. His unique AI system, which combines GPT-3 with his own data, allows him to create outstanding essays. Charley is able to write an original essay for you, and you can always make changes to his work because it is your material. Charley allows you to focus on the more interesting and creative aspects of writing, freeing you from boring and time-consuming tasks.

Charley AI Price Plans:

Free trial: After it ends, you need to choose a pricing plan.

Mini – $13.99 per month: includes 12,000 words per month, ability to export documents and copy/paste.

Student – $18.99 per month: includes all the features of the mini plan, plus 35,000 words per month and 24/7 chat support.

Ultimate – $29.99 per month: includes all features of the student plan as well as 100,000 words per month and importing rubrics and assignment tables (beta).

Caktus AI

Caktus AI is an innovative AI-powered essay writing system designed specifically for educational purposes. With Caktus AI, you can have your essays written in a matter of minutes, and it can do the same for all your other school assignments. Upon registration, you’ll receive 20,000 bonus credits to utilize as you see fit. Each generated solution using the tools requires one credit per sentence, so it’s possible to quickly exhaust them. For this reason, we have incorporated a referral system where users can enjoy the benefits even before registering. If your friend signs up for Caktus AI through your invitation, both of you will receive 10,000 credits.

It is one of the most beloved AI generators available.

Caktus AI Pricing Plans

Caktus AI offers two subscription options, both providing unlimited usage and cutting-edge AI benefits.
$9.99 monthly premium plan
$59.99 annual premium plan

The benefits you receive from both plans are identical. Here are some key advantages:

  • Unlimited credits
  • Advanced artificial intelligence for higher-quality essays and compositions
  • 20+ research templates and flashcards
  • Generation of 100% unique content

At BestAiHelpers, we strive to provide our users with exceptional AI-powered solutions at affordable prices.

Read our full Review!

Jasper AI

Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis )

If budget is not your main concern, Jasper will probably be the first application you should try. Although plans start at $29 a month for 20,000 words, if you’re really interested in using AI to create content, the Boss Mode plan for $59 a month with 50,000 words is a must.

It gives you the ability to write voluminous content in an editor similar to Google Docs, manage tasks with text commands like “write an introduction for this blog post,” and integrates easily with Grammarly and plagiarism checking tools. Additionally, for those who need keyword research and content optimization for search engines, the Boss Mode plan also allows integration with the Surfer SEO tool.

At BestAiHelpers, we understand the value of having a versatile and comprehensive AI tool like Jasper to streamline your content creation process and deliver high-quality results.

Essay AI Lab

Essay AI Lab is a leading essay writing service that uses artificial intelligence. With its help, you can greatly improve your essays thanks to its many useful features. It offers a grammar checker that identifies errors and highlights them, making your writing more accurate and literate.

The citation tool allows you to automatically create properly formatted bibliographic pages according to your desired citation style. With an unlimited searchable database, you will always find relevant articles for your work.

The plagiarism checker avoids copying content and provides a report on possible irregularities. In addition, the automatic sentence creation feature helps you overcome writer’s block and create essays with minimal effort. Finally, you can upload an unlimited number of essays for free. Essay AI Lab is a reliable partner for successful essay writing.

Our BestAiHelpers team conducted a series of experiments with the order form, which allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of a one-page essay to about $20. In addition, we have set lower prices for rewriting and editing services, only about $10 per page. 

It is important to note that our premium and platinum writers add only 10% and 15% to the total cost, which seems insignificant, but can have a meaningful impact on the final price.

We strive to give our clients the best terms and flexible pricing to provide them with quality essay writing at affordable prices.

Essay Genius is an AI-powered essay writing tool that helps students and professionals improve their essay writing. The platform utilizes natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and machine learning (ML) methods to analyze text and provide suggestions for enhancement.

Key features of include plagiarism checking, grammar checking, writing assistance, citation and reference verification, and language translation. offers three pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. The Basic plan is free and includes basic features such as plagiarism checking and grammar checking. The Premium plan is priced at $4.99 per month and includes more advanced features such as writing assistance and citation and reference checking.

The Enterprise plan is designed for businesses and organizations and offers customized features and pricing.

AI Writer

AI-Writer is an advanced AI-powered article writing tool that utilizes state-of-the-art AI models to generate articles based on just a headline.

With a history dating back to 2015, AI-Writer is a veteran in the AI article writing sector.

Harness the power of AI automation to create blog posts and articles with AI Writer. It stands out from its competitors by focusing primarily on long-form content, while many other AI article writing tools are more geared towards short-form materials. Effective content marketing relies on capturing the attention of your target audience.

AI-Writer is designed to deliver excellent SEO results, as SEO brings in visitors that drive revenue. Pricing options include:

Basic Plan: Ideal for solo entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small startups. This plan is priced at $29 per month.

Standard Plan: Perfect for freelance content writers producing multiple articles each month. This plan is available at $59 per month.

Power Plan: Best suited for those looking to elevate their content game. This plan is priced at $375 per month.


In Smodin with just a few phrases, users can effortlessly create creative and high-quality plagiarism-free content within minutes. Simply input key points or a short sentence of what you desire, then click the “Generate Text” button. Smodin, powered by GPT3 technology, generates content that you can review, modify, or use only the parts you like.

It caters to a wide range of users, from students to marketing professionals. Smodin offers three pricing plans, including a free option.

Additional tools like plagiarism checker, rewriter, and summarizing editor are available for separate purchase and are not included in the plan.

Limited Plan: Free to use, but offers only 5 free posts.

Author Basic: The most popular plan, priced at $10 per month, allows users to make 20 daily posts and provides priority support.

Premium: The Premium plan is the most cost-effective, offering unlimited posts and access to all new Smodin features. It is priced at $30 per month. is an online platform that offers a variety of resources and tools to help students write essays. 
The main advantage of the platform is the free AI essay-generator tool, which allows users to generate their essays quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the site offers the ability to work with free essay writers, where students can get their first two-page essay for free. This is especially helpful for those who need extra help with their essays. is the first site in its industry to offer students free but quality essays.
A database of free essays is also available on the site, which students can use as a reference or to find ideas for their own essays.

Benefits include:

  • Help for students who need support from both artificial intelligence when writing essays and from actual essay writers.
  • A free database of essays that provides samples to improve skills and essay writing.
  • User-friendly website interface with clear navigation between tools and essay writing services.
  • Reliable service providing essay writing help to students around the world for over a decade.
  • Round-the-clock customer service via chat, email, text message, or phone calls.

Disadvantages include:

  • Possible concerns about the quality and accuracy of free essays. It is important to carefully research and verify the information in these essays before using them as a reference.
  • Lack of a mobile app to access services and tools.

Advantages of using artificial intelligence generators for writing essays

Using artificial intelligence generators for essay writing offers a number of significant benefits:

Improved quality

Essays created with artificial intelligence have a high level of quality compared to human written essays. This is because computers are superior to humans in analyzing data and organizing information.


Artificial intelligence writing tools work based on the data you input and do not contribute your own biases or opinions. However, if the data they are trained on contains bias, it can show up in the generated material.

Saving time

Artificial intelligence generating essays helps you complete projects such as writing essays and conducting research much faster. This saves you time and resources efficiently.

Ease of use

Essays generated by artificial intelligence generators can be easily copied and used without the need for additional human work.

Reduced Stress

Using a computer program based on artificial intelligence to help you study can reduce stress and provide a comfortable learning experience.

Increased productivity

By using artificial intelligence generators, you can write essays faster and with higher quality, which increases your productivity.

High quality

Using artificial intelligence allows you to create essays with a high level of quality and accuracy in a shorter time.

Disadvantages of using artificial intelligence generators for writing essays

It is important to keep these disadvantages in mind and use artificial intelligence generators for writing essays with caution and additional verification.
While artificial intelligence generators for writing essays have their advantages, they also come with some disadvantages:

Limited Originality

While these tools can help you generate ideas and get you started, they are not capable of creating entirely new and original concepts. They focus on systematizing and gathering information, not on creative creation.

Financial Cost

Some AI-based essay generators require a paid subscription for full access to their features. This can increase your essay writing costs

Dependence on outside sources

Despite their advanced information organization capabilities, artificial intelligence generators cannot produce creative writing on their own. You will still need an expert to review the final result and make your improvements so that the essay will fully meet the requirements of the project.


Artificial intelligence generators may be faster and more accurate than humans, but they are still not without errors. A computer can make a mistake that a human would not make, so you need to carefully check and edit the generated material.

Risk of plagiarism

When using excerpts from various essays, the likelihood of misquoting or not citing sources at all increases. This can lead to plagiarism problems and copyright infringement.

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